St. Louis   Vegetarian Society

St. Louis Vegetarian Society

Religion, Spirituality, and Organizations

Religion & Sprituality

All Creatures (Judeo-Christian)   

Christian Vegetarian Association      

Indian Vegan   

Islamic Concern    

Jesus Veg   

Jewish Vegetarians of North America     

Seventh Day Adventist Dietetic Association    

Shabkar (Buddhist)  

Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians (Interfaith) Vegetarian Friends (Quaker)  


EarthSave Canada  

EarthSave International   

European Vegetarian Union   

GM Watch   

Hong Kong Vegan Association   

International Vegetarian Union   

Meetup Groups in St. Louis   

North American Vegetarian Association  

Organic  Consumers Association  

Vegan Action   

Vegan Society of the UK   

Vegans & Vegetarians of Alberta   

Vegetarian Society of the UK