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St. Louis Vegetarian Society

We are the St. Louis Vegetarian Society, St. Louis’ oldest organization dedicated to vegetarian living.


We hope you find some helpful information on our site, and we are always open to suggestions. Our goal is to introduce people to plant-based eating, hopefully illustrating how delicious, inexpensive, and simple it can be.  

Too many people are overwhelmed by it all and give up before they even start. We want to offer encouragement and advice, if we can, so it isn’t quite as daunting.  

Whether you are a veteran veg, newbie veg, or just looking into what it’s all about, we’re here to help.

Vegan treats and desserts are just as good as (or better than) the “real” thing.

Vegan Baking

Always the go-to site for recipes and food ideas.


Break into spring with these fresh recipes from Vegetarian Times magazine.

Springtime Recipes

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