St. Louis   Vegetarian Society

St. Louis Vegetarian Society

Health, Nutrition, and Raw Foods

Health & Nutrition

General Health & Nutrition:

21-Day Vegan Kickstart   

“Ask the Expert”  

Citizens for Healthy Options In Children's Education   

Institute for Plant Based Nutrition

Nutrition MD  

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine   

Vegan Coach   

Vegan Health    

Vegetarian Resource Group   


Advice from Specific Health Professionals:

“Ask the Expert”  

Jack Norris, RD    

John A. McDougall, MD  

Jo Stepaniak, MSEd   

Michael Greger, MD    

Michael Klaper, MD   

Ruth Heidrich, PhD   

Vesanto Melina, MS, RD  

Health & Nutrition for Athletes:

Brendan Brazier    

Organic Athlete   

Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness  

Veg Coach   

Vegan Fitness   


Health & Nutrition for Kids:

Kids Get Healthy  

Vegetarian Resource Group   

Veg Family  

Health Information re. Specific Illnesses:

Cancer Project   

McDougall Program  

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine   

Resources for Diabetes

Raw Foods

Living & Raw Foods   

Raw Family   

Raw Gourmet   

Raw Revolution   

Raw Food World